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And acknowledge your progress using these 3 strategies

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Have you built the habit of celebrating every success, no matter how small?

I’m all about living an extraordinary life filled with joy and happiness, and that involves celebrating small victories.

It’s something that we often forget to do.

We take that positive conversation for granted, that moment that brought…

And use these strategies to get the best out of yourself

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Marlon Brando said,

“Never surrender to the momentum of mediocrity.”

There’s a quote that goes:

“Don’t settle for mediocrity when you were created for greatness. Know who you are.”

Mediocrity is defined as the state of being mediocre, which is moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance.

I think…

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As you go about your day, living out your purpose, you are constantly thinking.

Your thoughts never stop.

You are thinking about your circumstances in life, interpreting the situations you’re in, and always listening to that little voice in your head.

That little voice that’s reading everything you go through…

And how to take advantage of them

There is Opportunity in Adversity

In the book “ Outwitting the Devil “, Napoleon Hill shares how one of the principles of success is learning from adversity. He notes that few people realize that “every adversity brings with it the seed of equivalent advantage”

"In every Adversity, so-called defeat and failure, there is opportunity. A…

Felix Mack

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